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Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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BEBO’s Galaxy Talk Show in Heaven

After a much troubled ordeal my Bebo finally found peace in the arms of Heaven on 26th March 2008 where she joined her much loved Raju , her Earth boyfriend, lover, companion who was waiting in heaven for her since the past 3years.

Bebo was a little one month old kitten found by me on the streets of Bombay  right in the centre of  a street  bleeding from the nose and mouth.  A vehicle had hit her nose and mouth. I got down, from the vehicle I was in when I was passing by the street and was shocked to see a kitten in the centre of the street, fighting for life. I took her home immediately , called the doctor gave emergency treatment  and rushed to the doctor by evening.

For three days she was dull and  I was not sure if she had a chance when that evening whilst having a chat with one of my veterinarian friend,  he advised me to treat her for common cold although her nasal passage was a bit damaged. After that day Bebo should a miraculous recovery. That wee little kitten was a bundle of fun, energy, play and full of surprises.  She recovered and by God’s grace her face was not damaged, the tip of her nose just had a slight dent and was pushed in which remained with her for life , but she could breathe and could live.

Her favourite game was jump up the stereo, climb over the wall poster, jump down , speak cat talk, run to the other end of the room, run up the curtain like a little squirrel, and come down chattering again . She came home on 24th April 1999. We all decided to name her ‘Jane’ after Amelia Jane – the famous Enid Blyton girl because like Amelia Jane,  my Jane was always upto pranks …

Jane was very special and will always be, she was the first cat to kiss me and would greet me when I came from work by running to me and kissing my face.  I used to cheer her when she gave her “Cat Talk”.  For  9 years with us, she became very expressive and vocal about her feelings, her likes and dislikes, and, I can say, she was almost human in every way.  Her running although she was so little in size, resembled the running of an elephant and she looked so very cute.

For nine years, she was my Mother’s confidante and would accompany her everywhere, whilst my Mom watched TV,  Jane whose pet name was BEBO would sleep on my mother’s stomach .  Her talking was so unique we ultimately decided to call it “ Welcome to Bebo’s Talk Show”.

Bebo(Jane) was joined at our home by Raju in 2000,  a cat whose leg got deformed as someone threw acid on him,  we adopted this stray cat.  Raju and Bebo had a good 5 years they shared a very very special bond. Raju  left her and us in Feb 2005 to chronic kidney failure and Bebo followed in March 2008 again with Chronic Kidney Failure.

Today, I miss Bebo and Raju and all their pranks immensely, but I am happy both are together in the safest place one could ever be , up amongst the glistening lights of God with so many new friends, where there is so much love, affection, freedom and an overflow of happiness.

In the Heaven’s , Bebo now regularly holds her “Galaxy Talk Show”  and oh my, ain’t she some fantastic compere!!

We have all the animal souls skipping their heartbeat  as they see BEBO - elegant lovely green eyed, carefully lined with the world’s best eyeliner, and the most unique alignment of  fur over her eyes exactly in the shape of an eyebrow with Raju by her side giving the most captivating Talk show to all souls on “How to Help All Animals on Earth”.

Bebo & Raju  you ROCK!! All I can say is wait for me till I join you all there, wow it will be fun.