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Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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This is Boris who lives in a by-lane of Mumbai. I first set eyes on him during October 2008. I was truly impressed with his stylish stud walk I must say!! This lane is away from the main busy road, but by itself is a busy one with the movement of trucks and vans and office goers. He is a native of this place, rather smart and apprehensive of humans and manoeuvres his way despite just one eye.

Yes you are right in your thoughts, Boris is blind in one eye probably a victim of human cruelty. Yet he has proved to be strong and a fighter and is quite a no nonsense guy. Don’t even try to fool him by hiding some medicine in a treat, he makes sure he swipes of the tablet from the treat. Boris gets few biscuits from the local vendor who sells cigarettes, biscuits and some snack eatables. The last time Boris was wounded, we arranged to provide him treatment at one of the animal NGOs as he is a dog who is rather aloof and does not approve of any handling, thus he needed to be handled in a special manner.

Like Boris there are many such animals all over Mumbai, who despite their handicaps live life on the streets. Some of these are given some tit-bits by local roadside vendors, but most of the times these animals have to cross very wide and large roads, which are overcrowded and no one has the time to notice Boris or anyone like him. Boris is slightly protected as he lives in a by-lane and not the main street. However, many animals live on main streets and face much traffic and stress due to chaos of the urban city life. For such animals the ongoing search for food and shelter is rather difficult. Any kind of handicap either a single eye or three limbs or deformed limbs all provide additional stress and such animals need a serene place where they could spend the rest of their lives in dignity. It is rather tough for a one eyed animal to cross a busy main street with cars traversing every second. Every day for these helpless and voiceless souls is a new life living amongst the many man-made dangers.

Blind, one-eyed, and otherwise physically challenged animals need a permanent refuge called “HOME” where they can live their lives peacefully in a calm, serene, and safe environment similar to their natural habitat, yet, a place where they will not be harmed or killed.

Boris died in April 2010, unfortunately he was run over by a Truck ..

I fed him on one Sunday and when I went to visit the dogs on the next Sunday, the shoppie who sells cigarettes and biscuits, told me he is no more ..

Animal Lives so very uncertain, just revel in the joy and happiness of having any moments with them, never know when they would be the last !

- Written by Priya Shindurnikar