Physically challenged animals
Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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People From Different Walks of Life & Social Strata who Serve Animals
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Participation of ISHA in various events for cause of animals.
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Animal Rescued
Pigeons rescued


One afternoon, as I was busy with my work, pigeons were busy fluttering and cooing. I walked up to the office window concerned and worried as I saw frantic movements of pigeons.As I took a look, I noticed they were desperate to set free some pigeons who got sealed in the gap behind the washroom in our corporate building. This was the 7th floor.A small outlet was open earlier, from which the pigeons probably got an entry to the inner warm ledge behind the washroom windows. This place would often be used by the mother pigeon to make a warm nest, lay her eggs, and incubate till the hatchling struggles its was out of the egg. They also messed the outside surface, and the place had some few feathers strewn around. Nothing really to bother about as it was completely outside the office premises and of no consequence to any of the office occupants. Yet !! how can MAN live without interfering with nature, without hurting and abusing a peaceful family reunion of birds and trampling away joys of those of a lesser kind, those who are unable to speak, unable to voice their feelings, unable to speak of their rights, pain or suffering !!

As I had expected, a mason had been called to seal off the open outlet , in order that no pigeons enter. Little did he bother to check, there were already 6 pigeons inside the walled structure. Four big pigeons and 2 baby pigeons desperate for their mother. There was no outlet and some of the pigeons had given up. It was probably their relatives who were on the outside fluttering restlessly trying to get an entry inside and rescue the pigeons.I was lucky, our office washroom window opened to this way where the pigeons were sealed. At once, I got a pet rescue carrier, took the help of another office helper and with a torch managed to rescue all the pigeons.

All the 4 pigeons were released next day morning and I took the 2 babies to Kabutarkhana at Dadar where they would be nursed back to health.As I released the pigeons, what a great feeling it was to see all the pigeons fly into the skies immediately as I lifted the lid of the pet carrier to set them free.

Liberation of All Animals, Birds to Freedom !! From the Clutches and Cruelty Caused by Man !!

A Divine Feeling to Save a Life !!

It is the DUTY OF MAN to Save and rescue Animals from the Clutches and Cruelty caused to Animals BY MAN

Written by Priya Shindurnikar