Physically challenged animals
Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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Animal People
People From Different Walks of Life & Social Strata who Serve Animals
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Participation of ISHA in various events for cause of animals.
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Farewell - Animals Over the Rainbow Bridge
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People in Mumbai and parts of India do give a home to our common street cat and many times adopt a cat wherein the cat comes home at a fixed time to eat and is given food, then he or she is back on the prowl . Some of these cats especially the “Tom” cat exhibits more feral behavior than others. This means some cats are very feral in nature and not human friendly after being fed for months or years. They do come to eat but eat  when food is kept at a distance far from us. They do not come closer when called and are very apprehensive and scared when they see humans near them.

Indoor & Outdoor Cat
Advantages of Spaying & Neutering
Cat rescues

Looking after cats is more of the Community type – where in different localities people manage cat colonies which may consist of anywhere between 2 to 20 cats. It is these people who voluntarily sometimes get their street cats neutered and spayed and also treat them when injured or ill. Years back this was not seen but there has been a change now.  However, the only thing which has not changed much since many years is the common perception “ A Cat cannot be Indoors”  “ A Cat Must Go Outside”  “ It is Not Possible to Tame or Train a Cat” .

What I feel and have seen over the years is Conditioning of the Animal to a certain habitat will let it adjust to whats  safe for the animal and also manageable by the human caretaker.

After much research in many parts of the world UK and USA it has been seen a Cat could be just as happy and content indoors with some changes that we can make for them.

Also if adopted as a Kitten , a kitten adopts beautifully to the indoors without really missing outdoor life. There are several advantages of Indoor cats v/s Outdoor cats and if one can provide a fair amount of enrichment inside a house a cat is a very playful and affectionate companion to be with.

Rescued Cat

The stray cats in Bombay are several times and on most occasions silent suffering little creatures, who have to deal with cruelty inflicted by humans. Simi is also one such cat in a building who gave birth and whilst fulfilling her duties as a Mummy, people did not want her around and her kittens were at threat

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Orphaned Kittens
A hot Saturday afternoon, I get a frantic call from a lady who tells me “Priya the mother cat just died…. She was hit by a car, came running into the building in shock and is now dead” I was at the shelter the same day, at the moment this lady called busy scuttling around with another emergency, where one of our shelter cats was very ill and hanging between life and death.. and here on the other hand ….. I was terribly sad to hear the mother of the 2 kittens had died and what would these month old kittens do without their Mom..
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Baby Charlie
Baby Charlie a sweet black and white kitten found in 2003 now a full grown affectionate cat.Baby Charlie was found as a kitten covered in grease and soot in the gas pipe of a vehicle. She looked tired and probably fell out of the gas pipe whilst someone almost sat in the car and was to start it.Eyes and face covered in black and looking rather harrowed, she was brought to the hospital.
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Teddy came to us as a kitten, not more than 2 months of age. An accident had cut off all the fore-digits of his front right paw. Teddy was unable to walk and needed treatment for his wound. Teddy would need time to learn to adapt to his paw with a new look which was minus his digits. A part of his toes was still intact which was good.  Teddy is with us and this is he 7 years  later.Teddy grew up to be a big handsome guy and walks, runs, jumps and loves to sleep on the shelf or near the window.

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Snowbell came to us in the year 2005. He was found in a state where he was completely starved and emaciated. I yet remember seeing all his ribs from a good distance and his pelvic bones too. The doctors had given up on him and told me he should be euthanized.But to me, the unique design on Snowbell’s face brought reminiscence of the Mountain Lion and I visualized how handsome would he have looked had he been healthy.

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