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Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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Baby Charlie a sweet black and white kitten found in 2003 now a full grown affectionate cat. Baby Charlie was found as a kitten covered in grease and soot in the gas pipe of a vehicle. She looked tired and probably fell out of the gas pipe whilst someone almost sat in the car and was to start it. Eyes and face covered in black and looking rather harrowed, she was brought to the hospital.

As a kitten she was frightened and did not like being handled.

Baby Charlie was always a weak and feeble kitten and showed weak immunity being a rather sickly kitten.  Days later she started recovering further to which we decided that she must be sheltered so that her condition improves. Then too over months, we found Baby Charlie moving between phases of good health and not so good health. She did not seem to gain much weight, remained small in stature and as usual was a very difficult kitten when it came to medications or handling.

A small tiny girl with a personality which clearly mentioned “Don’t you even try to touch me”.

However, with tonics for a steady period of time and a lot of love and care and special food. Baby Charlie improved and finally put on some weight. She looked lovely and often spoke with her disgruntled voice almost a mix of a low growl and purr and affectionately came close to me and liked being petted.

7 years down the line Baby Charlie lives in her home with her fellow shelter companions and is happy as she perches on her shelf and rests peacefully with her roommates.  

- Written by Priya Shindurnikar