Physically challenged animals
Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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People From Different Walks of Life & Social Strata who Serve Animals
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Hi I am Laila


I was on the street and could barely see a thing and was frail, hungry and starved.  I was frightened and wondered how would I manage my life in such a busy city with no one to even look at me or feed me.  I had this infection in my eyes and I had no mother who could keep me clean and warm.  Soon I realized I was losing my vision due to this terrible infection.

Whilst I prayed and sat sadly across the street, a nice lady came by ..her name  which I got to know later Armighty Tirandaz picked me up and took me somewhere. There I was given medicines, treatment, food and water. After some days , when I had improved a bit, but still was very weak, I heard  Ms. Tirandaz say we need to shift her as she is too weak and can get infected again.   Then,  I came under Priya’s care and have been there since  August 2007.

Here I found new friends, I was given my favourite food “Boiled Chicken” and “Fish and Rice”  and some Baby Food .  I soon got toys to play and although I can barely see, as you will see from my photographs, I have eyes but I don’t have much vision. I am still quite timid and small and kind of partially blind.   I could have never made it on the street but thanks to few nice souls,  I am here and enjoying my life.

I like being by myself, I sit on the pillar and look into the sky and I play with nice pom poms when I am taking a stroll in the sun.  The first picture is what I looked like when I came from the street, the second picture is me after 1 year in rehabilitation and the third is again a year later.

I am small by stature and apprehensive of people. I am unable to see well, but I love looking up into the sky. Sometimes I even sense birds near me and I try and get a glimpse of them.

Cats, kittens, Dogs and Pups  like me have no chance on the street, and my only humble request is, if you see any helpless blind or traumatized animal like me, please don’t leave her to die on the street

- BY Laila