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Mini my dearest where are you?

Mini  !! Mini !! Mini!!

Mini my dearest where are you?

Mini was a dog whom I met for the first time in September 2008 at the place where I used to go to work.

So many dogs there in that area around the office. From the first few weeks  at my job, I had decided, I must feed and care for all these lovely beauties, so I started feeding them regularly.

Amongst the many dogs all of whom I love so very much, Mini kind of became very special. What drew me to her, were her small eyes and the way she looked at me.  She was so so special !

One year later, I was no longer at that job and thus no longer working at that place.

It was sad, I had to leave from there, as it meant I could not meet my lovely kids daily.

After I left my job, I had to check and visit my dogs, and so I started going every Sunday morning.

Its now more than a year that I have left the job, but I visit every Sunday, and I used to meet “Mini” too every Sunday. Her heartwarming welcome was very refreshing and her affection made me melt!

However, its  been now  2 months  to this day and I don’t see Mini anymore What could have happened to her, people in that area know me and can contact me.

But I got no rescue call and no one can tell me where she is?

I searched in the surrounding area but I am unable to find her.

My last moments with her are memories of some pedigree dog food being given to her, with some Parle G biscuits and some chicken soup. And yes I did give her some dog chewies  which she adored.

How I wish I could see her and could hug her.

I only pray that she is very happy and far away from all suffering. Its only when they are over the Rainbow Bridge, that they are free from cruelty, suffering and all bodily pain.

I could not give her a home, but whilst in my life, I tried to give her affection and love and hopefully she understood those emotions and responded so happily.

Mini,  I hope you are safe, happy and enjoying up in the heavens!  The most pain free and happy life is what I always wished for you !

All I have is memories and a few pictures of you !!

- By Priya Shindurnikar