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Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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SCOOTER – our Paralysed Cat

Scooter is one of the rare examples of a Paralysed cat who survived after having been given a chance at rehabilitation and massage. Scooter was found as a frail, cat who had been paralysed in both her rear limbs and was unable to walk. Whilst doctors advised that the only option maybe Euthanasia, we decided that she needs a fuller and better chance at life.

So she was encouraged to walk under supervision, she was allowed to stretch her legs and move around and shewas given medications to build her bones, and nerves. Within a few weeks, she started showing improvement from the first days and in months she improved.

Although due to her pelvic injury she is unable to stand straight and scoots from the rear, thus named Scooter, she walks, runs and even climbs shelves. Today Scooter is about 8 years old. She felt rather happy and content and gave us a striking pose whilst taking her picture. If an animal is paralysed to an extent where there is no significant injury to the spine and may suffer from a pelvic fracture, with particular care in handling, right medications, and rehabilitation these loving creatures can be given a second chance at life.

Animals like Scooter are in plenty and unable to survive on the streets. Timely medical intervention, much of love and care and substantial food to build strength can bring the animal back to good health. A Sheltered Life will allow the animal to live normally at the same time BE SAFE.

Thus, the animal can lead a dignified life and not be dragging along the busy streets of any city.

- By Priya Shindurnikar