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Meet Sunshine


Sunshine was a lovely affectionate very special tom cat. I got to meet him, as I walked into one of the wards of the animal hospital. Sunshine was brought in by someone as he lay on the street with both his hind limbs deformed.

Everytime, the sight of any physically challenged animal makes me look in awe, and short of words. Incredible, worthy of a salute is what I feel. It is so amazing to look at these physically challenged animals – endurance beyond comprehension, tolerance beyond imagination and hope with so much spark despite such a challenging life.

As you would see from his photograph, and video, Sunshine has one leg which has undergone complete ossification and shows muscle atrophy. His leg is completely stiff, straightened and looks more like a long hard stick. Yet he walked and dragged himself unable to fold or bend his limb.

The second hind leg is folded at the hock joint,  and he is unable to use it. The region of the paw has knuckled inwards, so whilst Sunshine walks his paw rubs along the floor, and thus he has abrasion injuries on both hind limbs. Thus the bandage for his wounds.

This condition is a result of Sunshine being hit by a car on his rear side, he suffered a pelvic injury and injury to his lower spine. The wounds to his limbs are a result of abrasion on a hard surface with gravels, rubbles, stones and mud. His inability to use his hind limbs indicates nerve damage to the nerves which are responsible for movement. As I spoke to the doctors, I was enlightened that the ossification is a gradual process which took maybe over a year. The initial injury was a fracture to the ossified limb with a small injury to the other hind limb. With time, the fracture healed but as Sunshine was in pain, he would probably keep his leg stretched and not use it much. This resulted in Muscle Atrophy and Calcification at the joint. He did walk but all the pressure came on the second limb. This caused his second hind limb to get weak and as the nerves got affected in time, the paw started knuckling inwards and he began to drag himself completely.

I felt sad that I had not found him earlier, and no one got him to the hospital before, else maybe he would have been living a better life today.

As I saw him, I decided to name him Sunshine. In India, Two Legged amputees is something which has never been done. Animal Physiotherapy is yet a concept and study to be introduced. In Indian Physiotherapy colleges and institutions this is not yet even thought of.  Prosthetic limbs for Animals is a far off thought in this country probably unheard of.

Keeping Sunshine in a shelter for life is a possibility, yet he needs to have more comfort and should not develop pressure sores which form as he scoots on one side of his buttock along the floor.  

Little does Sunshine express any pain and whilst I saw him walk real fast, all I saw in him, was the astounding will to walk, to move, and above all “to live”.

As I sit with him, and hold him close to my heart like a small baby, I feel him going off to sleep and gently brushing his head against me. He starts purring like a little kitten as if to say don’t let me go, I want to live Priya.

On the one side, he needs someone to give him some very special love and care. On the other, he is developing sores, yet it is his strong determination to walk, to try and jump from the cage that makes my heart reach out to him. Sunshine still looks at me and as I pet him, quickly rubs his head on the floor, and curls up playfully and carefully grooms his ossified limb. I knew it Sunshine was very special.  I used to go to the hospital daily to spend time with him, to let him know he is not alone and to give him my love and care in his last moments.  I wanted to be with him.

Sunshine is no more.  Sunshine crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 8.00 a.m. on 30th January 2010. I was saddened but relieved he is no more in pain. On 29th Jan, Sunshine was out in the grass with me and I let him know how special he was and his life is something I valued. I had him cremated and his ashes are right here with me.

Today, Sunshine is not with me in body, but each times the Sun shines on me, the warm rays of the sun and bright light will remind me of Sunshine.  There he is up above shining and glistening with the Sun sending rays of hope to all animals in distraught. A brush of breeze amongst the shining rays of the sun is his way of letting me know, he is close to me.

I pampered him with delicious cat food, specially cooked chicken, as well as milk for the seven days he was under my care. Hey Sunshine “ Keep Shining” I am right here. You are the light and ray of hope to many animals here !!


Endurance, Tolerance, Determination despite being in such a helpless situation, despite so much pain.    

- Written by Priya Shindurnikar