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Physically Challenged includes disabled animals as well as those which may not be disabled but would be incapacitated as a result of chronic problems during old age like arthritis or spondylosis or not completely abled as a result of genetic defects.
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People From Different Walks of Life & Social Strata who Serve Animals
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I’m Winky and I am finally Safe and Happy

My Life was far too scary to call it an Adventure and I am happy to relax, eat, play and take a good nap without having to worry about my Life.  I lived in the slums by the side of a railway station in Mumbai.

I had lost my eye since years earlier and had a tough life being a female cat, rearing kittens and fending for food for myself and my kittens.  One day I set out to search for food as I had not got a meal since a few days and was feeling starved and hungry.  I was also kind of weak and a little dehydrated.   That day I was caught between 2 trains on the railway track. Thank God I could use my presence of mind at that time, I stood in the empty crevice between the two tracks and waited for the trains to pass by.

As they did, I hurriedly crossed and knew I must be on the platform if I were to stay alive.  And so I did ,  whoosh that was a very close one !!  I was scared and I felt like calling out to someone who would help me, so I mewed repeatedly, screeching my lungs out !!

There was this girl who was about to Board in a train and looked back at me as I was trying to get a hold of myself. She had her one leg in the train but when she heard me she turned back and came to me,  we exchanged glances. Before I could realize, I was warm and safe under her arm below her sweater as she had no basket with her to keep me.

I think she was travelling to work. She took me home fed me and then I was in this shelter and I am here till now. Its 7 years and I am feel safe and happy. I did not ever have to run between trains or railway tracks.  I did not have to wade through dirty slums or hide from nasty people. I got neutered so I did not have to worry about my kittens. Life was difficult amongst railway trains and me having one eye gave me very limited vision. Now I am old and I relax, take a walk, look out of the window and enjoy the sun abd breeze.

Life is Nice !!

By Winky